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Get Social Insights




Welcome to your Social Intelligence Fort – where the entire web is being monitored and analyzed for your brand and/or competitor’s mentions. A human element analyzes and classifies the data to ensure relevance and sentiment accuracy.


Worried about Facebook closed groups, our social media professionals are keeping an eye on the groups to ensure you get the insights that matter.



Get Social Insights monitors what people are saying about your business online, outside your own platforms.  This information will help you gain actionable insights to enhance your product or Service.



Get Social Insights Key Features


Get Social Insights tracks ALL online conversations

  • Keywords monitor
  • Geo-filtering (location)
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Influencer Scores
  • Alerts and Notifications
    • New trending topics related to your brand
    • possible early detection of crisis


  • Human Analysis



Supported Languages


Arabic, English and Franco, using machine learning technologies our software is able to pick up new terms and stores them in its own dictionary.



What does it track?


Get Social Insights tracks URLs, hashtags and keywords.



 Where does it track it?


All over the World Wide Web, in the chosen location – geo-filtering is enabled to ensure only the relevant audience is being tracked.



So, what does the human element add?


Qualitative data analysis!

In addition to the monitor of closed groups, which no software tool is able to access. Get Social Insights human element filters, sorts and classifies data. Assign sentiment to statements (positive, neutral and negative). This is particularly helpful during new product launch or a crisis to cover the brand mentions 360 and on shifts based to cover 24 hours upon need.